You know Peak Supply Company as a premier distributor of oilfield supplies. In this post, though, we want to focus on our distribution of Balon valves. Keep reading to learn more about the Balon Ball Valve and what makes it the top choice in ball valves.

The Difference of the Balon Valve

There are a number of ball valves out there for those in the oil, gas, and industrial markets. So what exactly separates the Balon Ball Valve from the rest? As you can see on their website, the Balon valve features a unique sealing approach, backseated stem, simplified top works, and precise manufacturing control. We should also mention that these valves successfully completed low emissions testing.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these features.

Unique Sealing Approach

The Balon Ball Valve has been used in thousands of installations going back to 1965. After decades of refinement in design and development, it remains a top-of-the-line product for customers. 

Backseated Stem

The last thing you want is for your ball valve to start a fire. However, in the rare event of a blaze, the backseated stems of your Balon valve provide metal-to-metal backup sealing. Keep in mind that this secondary sealing is also provided internally by the seat area. Trust us, the Balon Ball Valve will give you much-needed peace of mind.

Simplified Top Works

There’s no need to worry about bolts, glands, and complicated stem assemblies when you work with the Balon valve. Hazards associated with a bolted stem retainer and packing adjustment screws are a thing of the past. As referenced from the Balon Corporation, “The stem area is grease-packed and protected by dual plastic weather guards to shield this vital area from external elements, thereby eliminating the need for maintenance in the field.”

Emissions Tested

As aforementioned, the Balon Ball Valve successfully completed low emissions testing. Feel free to reach out to the Oklahoma City plant for additional details.

Precise Manufacturing Control

You can feel at ease knowing that Balon uses only the best materials to assure the uniformity and strength necessary for instances where valves are used. All balls are machined in-house by Balon’s spherical machining process to help maintain a consistently accurate spherical contour. The Balon Ball Valve is also perfectly finished and polished. The high-intensity finish coupled with the advanced sealing capability provides unmatched sealing efficiency and reduced operating torque.

Your Trusted Distributor of Oilfield Supplies

Now that we’ve detailed the Balon Ball Valve, let’s circle back to Peak Supply Company. Just because we have an extensive selection of oilfield supplies doesn’t mean we lose sight of the customer. In fact, Peak Supply Company is known for going above and beyond for customers. For all of our customers, you can count on our experienced team for fast, courteous service.

From Balon valves to weld fittings, Peak Supply Company has you covered. Contact us today to request a quote on our oilfield supplies.